CLASS FEES IN 2017 and 2018:

$6,000 Black Truffle Week in Provence

$5,500 Classic classes in Provence

$5,500 All classes in Paris


Enrollment in any of the Provence, Paris or Truffle cooking classes requires a deposit at the time of booking. See the enrollment page to sign up for a class. See the Class Schedule to check availability.

If your preferred class is already full, you can email us here to be added to our waiting list – cancellations do happen.

For any questions regarding enrolling in a class email us here or in writing to:

Bruce Lecus
PO Box 1156
Carrboro, NC 27510, USA



The Truffle Extravaganza includes a welcome truffle dinner on Monday; truffle classes and lunch on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; truffle classes and dinners on Tuesday and Thursday; a truffle hunt, a winery visit and tasting, and a dazzling truffle lunch with extravagant wines on Wednesday. Students are at liberty Wednesday evening. The class ends after lunch on Friday. For more details, see a week's sample schedule from a previous Truffle class. 

All other Provence weeks include a welcome dinner on Sunday night; classes, lunch and dinner on Monday and Tuesday; a market visit, classes, lunch and dinner on Tuesday; a winery visit and restaurant lunch on Wednesday; classes and lunch on Thursday and Friday. Students are free on Wednesday and Thursday nights to explore the region. The class ends after lunch on Friday. For more details, see a week's sample schedule from a previous Provence class.

Paris weeks include classes and lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Friday; a market visit and Michelin three-star lunch on Wednesday; a bakery visit, wine tasting and lunch on Thursday. The class ends after lunch on Friday. For more details, see a week's sample schedule from a previous Paris class.


DEPOSIT: A nonrefundable deposit of $2000 per person is required to confirm enrollment in all classes.

FINAL PAYMENT: The  final payment is due no later than 120 days prior to the start of the program. If the balance is not paid on time, you could lose your reservation and your deposit.


Terms and Conditions: – Refund Policy. 

The class deposit is a commitment by Patricia Wells to hold your place in the class, and a commitment by you to participate. The deposit should be considered nonrefundable. If you present good and valid reasons we will consider a refund of the deposit if you cancel more than 120 days before the class begins and we are able to find another student to fill your place. All refunds are subject to a $150 service charge per student to cover bank fees and processing costs.

All refunds for cancellations that occur within 120 days of the class start date, both the deposit and the final payment, will be handled by your personal travel insurance. Travel insurance can be obtained by speaking with a local travel agent or by visiting one of the many travel insurance sites on the web. Websites that have been used  for trip insurance information are:

We make this information available for your convenience. We have no financial interest in the web sites or the services they offer, and any contract you make is your right and responsibility.

In the event that “At Home with Patricia Wells” should cancel for any reason, other than "an act of God," or "force majeur," all fees, including deposits, will be fully refunded. The costs of any travel or housing arrangements you may have made will not be reimbursed by Patricia Wells.

In the event of "force majeur," or "act of God," another class date will be offered. Only direct bookings are valid. A reservation that is resold to a third party will be invalid and all fees forfeited.

'At Home with Patricia Wells' classes are designed for adults.

Note: Smoking is not permitted in either the Paris or the Provence classes.